SameSite cookie attribute (Drupal 10)

I need some help. I recently performed a manual update of my Drupal 9 websites to Drupal 10 through Composer. The updated websites are currently in Dev (Test and Live are still Drupal 9). The process has been mostly smooth so far but there is an issue I am not sure how to resolve.

In the Drupal status report, there is a warning that the SameSite cookie attribute is not set. The warning details link to PHP documentation where, as I understand it, there are instructions for how to modify the php.ini file to resolve the warning.

I believe Pantheon customers don’t have access to the php.ini file, so how do we resolve the warning in Drupal 10?

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So Paul Kittredge provided some help for this issue on Slack. The easy answer is the detail provided by the warning in the Drupal Status Report page is misleading and the answer is to edit the services.yml file for the site as per this change record:

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Hey @aaron! I am so sorry we didn’t get around to your question. I am really glad Paul was able to steer you in the right direction. I am going to note this solution, in the event other customers bump into the same question :slight_smile: Thank you for coming back to share! Please feel free to nudge me in the future if you don’t here from any Pantheors here. You can send direct messages within this Hub.